Agendize is an all-in-one, white label, integrated customer engagement platform. founded in 2003. They digitize, simplify, and dynamize client relationships to improve business productivity for customer acquisition, engagement, and retention through a fully customizable platform.

The main focus of this project is on Agendize’s main solutions, which is their online calendar and appointment scheduling tool that offers uses a cloud-based booking solution.

The initial problem


Agendize need to streamline their calendar and allow clients to brandify their content. As it stands there have been issues internally because the Agendize developers are spending too much time on customization as opposed to system upgrades to further improve the overall experience.


To evaluate the current version of Agendize, look for opportunities for enhancements and gather requirements for further development and extension of capabilities to other web tools or key databases/tools.

The intial cahier des charges

Build a design system

To help streamline Agendize calendar and enhance the UI design.To leverage the brand image and have a unified user experince.

The global problem


How Reenvisioning the Agendize calendar will fundamentally shift the way to approach design and enhance the user experience overall?


In a context where Agrendize develops too little differentiation with its direct competitors, how to impose more product singularities and added  values in phase with new users in order to emerge on the market?

The essential cahier des charges

Reenvisioning the Agendize calendar

To uplift the Agendize calendar functionally and visually to reach and compete in the busy and competitive market of digital scheduling solutions while differentiating itself than the other by giving it a taste of personality.

The outcomes

The new illustrations have four principles. They are 1) grounded, 2) scalable, 3) lightweight, and 4) diverse. The new illustrations are more adult, making them more professional, but they remain – like everything they do – committed to minimalism.

Making sure that the new direction pays meticulous attention to human form and perspective, texture, shape, and color.


Few colors. I want them to convey the brand, by using their primary color set but making sure their style is fun enough to allow the core colors to merge in a creative way.


This is another perfect way to give their illustrations distinctiveness by using various textures and compositions to keep everything interesting.

Using circles and curved lines to give it a touch of modern and youngest and to match their typeface and design language that has smooth edges, to keep the same look and feel among all Agendize elements.

Reenvisioning the Agendize calendar will fundamentally shift the way they approach design. Rather than paying attention to the details, this new vision will lead them to a full-scale revolutionary change to the Agendize calendar, making it easier for their users to navigate their increasingly busy personal and professional lives.

The new vision is affected directly by the contemporary digital era – with a focus on each user’s individuality – so every experience is uniquely crafted to optimize their time and life.

Research objectives and insights:

Today, people are no longer judged by their position in the business world. No matter if they are traditional or modern businessmen, the digital and social landscape is changing and people from all walks of life pursue their own interests. This means that, in the near future, Agendize users are mostly the Millennials and Gen Z. They are a tech-savvy generation.

As a result, the conceptualize Agendize calendar will fit everyone’s individual

interests while remaining professional. Agendize will be a daily tool. Whether the individual is a metal enthusiast, a gamer geek, a surfer, or obsessed with football, Agendize will need to have features built into it to give people another perspective, something to rely on, in all aspects of life – personal or professional – to suit their ever-demanding needs and schedulesto save their time and to spent it well.

AI assistant


A feature that allows the user to sketch and doodle on their pads or screens and then apply it on their calendar or simply discard it.

The empty slots

Whenever the user has an empty slot on their calendar, it will suggest to them something, to read, listen or anything according to what they mentioned as their interest when setting up the calendar.

It doesn’t mean it will appear on every empty slot they have but according to the user’s directions, the calendar will get to understand and suggests at their preferred time.It is not wasting for the user’s time.


An archive or folder to save and get back to all the notes that the user  has.

A Vision of the Future

Implementing a lofty vision is never easy, but as our times call for rapid evolution, especially in the business and digital spheres. Nothing should be too complicated to get in the way of productivity.

The new Agendize calendar will suit their vision by being on the frontiers of digital organization. Personable technology is the way of the future as it compliments every user’s experience and makes it unique to their tastes and interests. The Agendize calendar will do all this but also achieve its main goal –  to organize and save time for the user.

Agendize new vision will lead to new features on the Agendize calendar, and this will provide the user with new perspectives. It will give the user something to rely on, in all aspects of life – personal or professional – to suit their ever-demanding needs and schedules. This is the new approach to revolution.

The revolution will be joined for the same reason any other revolution is joined: to improve lives. This will be improved by the multitude of features that suit their vision. This will complement their unique point in history, the digital, crowded, and cluttered era.