ECA is a governmental entity that oversees the Early Childhood Development sector.

WED Movement is one of their initiatives that will operate by creating a Breakthrough Working Group that will deliberately work using forward-looking approaches on issues that affect children and their world now and could affect them in the future.


A combined dynamic community mindset offers innovative solutions, support, shared knowledge and opened conversations in one platform that aims to establish the right positioning of Abu Dhabi(wed) as a global hub of the early childhood development sector in the region.

A fusion of shapes full of movement and transformation conveys the energy, synergy and engagement to represent the core elements of the initiative (connect, share, develop, …)

Having the shapes assemble all as one solid figure to embody the brand’s holistic approach by showcasing the various facets and efforts by breaking the siloes and creating a true pluri-disciplinary represented by the different participants and the essential elements that all share the same purpose is to ensure children’s proper development to have a prosperous future.

The fusion of shapes that were assembled to deliver one message but when zooming in, each of the shapes has an individual message.

Energetic colors present a continuity to the fresh colors of ECA’s visual identity.

The shapes in the logo are static but somehow, they give the impression that they are unsettled.

One of the profound creative aspects of the logo is the combination of the English letters representing WED Movement and the Arabic translation for WED Movement which means “affinity, affection, friendship”


The visual identity of WED Movement resulted in great success. AD.NB team was able to professionally translate the core of the program into simple and dynamic visuals, keeping its local essence while incorporating an international look and feel. However, the most successfully creative aspect that our team delivered is the fact that this visual identity provides both functional and an emotional-value. The WED Movement’s visual identity was about authentic, consistent, and purposeful relationship building with all stakeholders, a mission that was skillfully delivered.